Information About Comprehensive Medical Care Services

Endocrine/Metabolic Conditions


Diabetes management includes controlling blood sugar levels via healthy lifestyle choices, medication, regular monitoring, and healthcare guidance.

Obesity & Weight Loss

The obesity epidemic directly relates to diabetes concerns. Trust Dr. Handelsman's metabolic approach for addressing obesity and weight loss.

Cholesterol & Lipid Disorders

Cholesterol and lipid disorders are closely tied to metabolic health. Let our Tarzana, CA office address elevated LDL levels in a preventive manner.

Prevent Heart & Kidney Disease

Heart disease, like CVD and CKD, is preventable when skewed endocrine levels are noticed early. Our office can help catch this early on.

Thyroid Disorders

At Yehuda Handelsman, M.D., overall thyroid health is part of a whole system connected to obesity, lipids, and pituitary gland function.

Osteoporosis - Bone Loss

Osteoporosis can be seen as an indicator of endocrine health in a whole-person approach. Learn more about Dr. Handelsman's approach to prevention.

Pituitary – Adrenal Disorders

Dr. Yehuda Handelsman is skilled in treating various pituitary gland disorders and conditions for individuals in Tarzana, CA.


Dr. Handelsman's integrated approach sees the connections between hypertension and metabolic issues — allowing for a unique treatment lens.

Female Sexual Hormones (PCOS)

Endocrine illness can create female hormonal imbalances that may contribute to skewed progesterone and estrogen levels, causing a variety of symptoms.

Male Sexual Hormones

Low testosterone and hormonal imbalances in men can be linked to underlying endocrine issues. Address low T with our unique endocrinology approach.
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